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Office Machines

Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers
Drinking fountain manufacturers have estimated energy consumption of refrigerated fountains to be between 8.5–10.5 kWh per 40-hour work week. This fact sheet discusses recommendations for energy savings including unplugging water fountains and other options.

Vending Machines
Vending Machines can often be overlooked when considering your business’ energy consumption, but they are in fact one of the largest energy consumers in the office environment. This fact sheet suggests ways to realize energy and cost savings through vending machine equipment changes.

EPA's Energy Star Office Equipment
This site provides energy and cost saving information for all types of office equipment through power management features.

Exit Signs
Exit signs are, in effect, lighting fixtures that are on all the time. This fact sheet discusses newer technology exit signs can significantly conserve energy, reduce labor demand and save money.

Computer Monitor Management
Significantly reducing your energy bill can be as simple as enabling computer monitor power management on your computers. This fact sheet outlines savings from enabling the "sleep" mode and other computer monitor considerations.

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