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Recycling Collection Contracts

When setting up a recycling program, whether for a small or large business, a school or a local government program, it is important to have baseline information before trying to find a collection company.  You need to assess the materials that are being produced and discover what waste products are economical and feasible to recycle.  You may want to review this information on how to chose a recycling market for your materials.  We also provide below a list of questions to ask collection companies to find the best service for your program. 

For a list of collection companies in your area, visit the Recycling Markets Directory.  For more detailed information on setting up a recycling program, particularly for local governments, visit the local government assistance page for a fact sheet on Contracting for Local Government Solid Waste Management Services, best management practices, and a variety of other services DPPEA provides.

Contract Examples
Many variables exist in setting up a recycling program; considering the materials you want collected, the markets for those materials, and the procedure for collection can yield unlimited possibilities. The contracts below provide examples for recycling, cardboard and trash service. They can serve as templates to help you when you are setting up service for programs within your organization.  Please share your contracts so we can build some model examples. Just contact Rachel Eckert at (919) 715-6505 to share your program information, or if you need assistance in setting up or expanding your program.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Food Waste

University of North Carolina - Greensboro (commingled, trash, cardboard)

Questions to Ask Collection Companies

What types of office paper, corrugated cardboard or other types of paper do you collect?  What about container types?

Do you collect single stream recyclables or can materials be commingled?

What is the minimum amount required for a pickup?

Do you provide "scheduled" or "on-call" pickups?

What other recyclables will you pick up?  (electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, tires, oil)

Will you pay for our waste paper or other recyclables? If so, what pricing structure will be used, and what is the frequency of payment?

What is the allowable level of contamination?

Will you pick up from within our offices or only from a loading dock?

Are you willing to sign a long-term (one year or more) contract?

Can you provide monthly tonnage reports on the amount of recyclables collected for each material for county reports? Note: Reports must provide tonnage data for each material, except commingled materials: plastic, glass, and metal, which may be reported together. Ask your recycling service company to report by weight (pounds or tons), not volume.

What services can you provide in helping us set up a program? Do you offer deskside bins or recycling area collection containers?


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