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EPP is a relatively new but quickly expanding field. Resources are available for use by state and local governments, education facilities and purchasers in all fields that can help start or expand their green purchasing programs.  Pilot projects and case studies have been conducted, policies and programs developed, guide books and product information shared.  Some of those available resources can be found below, along with a growing list of places to shop for green products.  Feel free to share your resources with us as well, to help build knowledge of green products and practices.

North Carolina Resources Nonprofit and Other Organizations
Federal Government Links Product-Specific Information
Other States' Programs Shop for Environmentally Friendly Products

North Carolina Resources

Purchase and Contracts Division
View the recycled content products available on state term contract, shop online using E-Procurement and find out how to sell your products to North Carolina agencies.

Vendor Library
A vendor library listing companies that offer all types of environmental services. DPPEA does not recommend or endorse the services or products of any particular company listed in the library.

N.C. Project Green
Brings together members of North Carolina’s state agency and local government communities to discuss issues related to sustainability.

Informed Consumer
A resource that will help you find out how your dollars impact the environment and your health.

Re-refined Oil: Discover the Benefits
N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance shares information about re-refined motor oil, including common myths, who's using it and who certifies its use.

Department of Transportation's Recycled Products Program
Actively seeks and uses a wide array of recycled products in road construction projects.

Local Government Purchasing - School of Government
This site provides a wealth of local purchasing information and registration for courses about North Carolina purchasing policies.

Carolinas Recycling Association
A nonprofit agency dedicated to advancing waste reduction and recycling throughout North Carolina. CRA offers an annual conference that includes information on recycling, buying recycled, market development and green building.

N.C. Green Building Technologies Database
This database is a collection of case studies organized to help users find projects in the state of North Carolina that have implemented specific green building techniques, strategies or technologies. The list of projects is not comprehensive and is meant to identify projects and provide information relevant to innovative techniques, not standard, well-established building techniques. The database includes both new construction and retrofits to existing buildings. 

N.C. Energy Office
The State Energy Office has a wealth of information about alternative energy resources and alternative fuel vehicles.  It posts grants available and educational opportunities about more energy efficient operations, renewable energy and the utilities savings initiative.


Federal Government Links

U.S. EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)
Designates products that are or can be made with recovered materials and recommends practices for federal agency purchase. The CPG currently lists 55 products in eight categories.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Product guides, case studies and pilot projects conducted by the federal government for EPP purchasing.

Office of the Federal Environmental Executive
This office promotes sustainable environmental stewardship throughout the federal government. Find information about environmental management systems and life cycle assessment, as well as other sustainable practices including sustainable buildings, waste prevention and recycling, green purchasing, electronics stewardship and biobased products.

U.S. Department of Agriculture's Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Council
Coordinates, facilitates and promotes research, development, transfer of technology, commercialization and marketing of biobased products and bioenergy using renewable domestic agricultural and forestry materials.


Other States' Programs

King County, Wash., Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program
This Web site includes information about King County's program and policies, including its experience with various recycled content products.

California Integrated Waste Management Board Buy Recycled Program
This program includes a recycled content product database that provides information on the companies that reprocess, manufacture and/or distribute the products.

Massachusetts Environmentally Preferable Products Procurement Program
Massachusetts is a pioneer in environmentally preferable procurement, and its Web site includes extensive information, from product specifications and requests for proposal to specific information about various products.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Programs and Strategies: Integrating Environmental and Social Factors into Procurement Practices
This comprehensive report illustrates EPP program efforts in the private and public sector across the country. It describes how various organizations choose product categories and attributes for EPP initiatives and describes how these organizations integrate EPP into their everyday purchasing decisions, and the challenges they face. It also presents some of the positive outcomes produced by the organizations’ EPP efforts.


Nonprofit and Other Organizations

National Recycling Coalition
Dedicated to the advancement and improvement of recycling, source reduction, composting and reuse by providing members with technical information, education, training, outreach and advocacy services in order to conserve resources and benefit the environment.

Unnatural Resources Institute, Inc
A North Carolina nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education and activities that involve reusing discarded materials.

Center for a New American Dream
Helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social justice.

America Recycles Day
An organization that sponsors an annual campaign with the goal of educating and encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products.

Green Seal
An independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the environment by promoting the manufacture and sale of environmentally responsible consumer products. 

Publishes the Greenline newsletter and the Annual Guide to Environmentally Sound Papers.

Buy Recycled Business Alliance
BRBA is a group of organizations committed to increasing the procurement of recycled content products through education and leadership by example. This group was established by the National Recycling Coalition in 1992, but this Web site has not been updated since 1999.


Product-Specific Information

Alternative Fuel Resource Center
Operated by the U.S. Department of Energy, this is a great resource to find alternative fuel resources across the country, as well as state and federal incentives.

Recycled Plastics Product Directory
American Plastics Council

Recycled Rubber Products Catalog
Rubber Manufacturers' Association

Re-refined Oil Web Site
The N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance shares information about re-refined motor oil, including common myths, who's using it and who certifies its use.

Harnessing the Power of Advanced Fleet Vehicles: A Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fact Sheet for Government Officials
This fact sheet discusses the benefits of hybrid electric vehicles and what models are available. It compares emissions to conventional vehicles and demonstrates the impact King County, Wash., made in using them in its program.


Shopping Links for Environmentally Friendly Products

Links listed below that are bolded are either local vendors or they are an online shopping center with a wide variety of products.

Brame Specialty
Durham's Brame Specialty is a full line distributor of industrial papers, printing papers, industrial packaging, sanitary maintenance products, floor machines, laundry, chemicals, concrete accessories, food service, hotel and lodging amenities, blueprint bags, retail packaging, and school and office supplies.

Close the Loop
This business sells off the mark post-consumer recycled products, from mulch and fencing to glass gifts and awards.

Environmental Home Center
This Seattle-based store provides online shopping for green building products, including supplies such as non-toxic paint, natural carpets, sustainable wood products, energy-efficient insulation and people-friendly cleaning supplies.

Green Home
This online store sells EPProducts for the home.  It is a California-based business, and has a wide variety of common household products, from clothing and furniture to cleaners, appliances and decorations. It also provides tons of information that can easily help you green your purchases.

Green Feet
A California-based online shopping site that offers unique eco-friendly gifts for home and personal care.

Greener Choices
Consumer watchdog magazine Consumer Reports launched this Web site dedicated to the environmental impact of consumer products. Find health and environmental information on products for home and office.

House of Doolittle
This nationwide dealer sells recycled content products for the office, home and promotional purposes. It has a local dealer in North Carolina; just e-mail them for a dealer near you, and make sure to include your zip code.

JWOD Program
This program creates jobs and training opportunities for people who are blind or who have other severe disabilities, empowering them to lead more productive and independent lives. It primarily sells to government agencies, and its online ordering system has various recycled content and EPProducts to chose from.

Office Depot
This office supply store can be found across the state and has a large online supply catalog. Just specify recycled content in your online search.  They even provide an entire catalogue dedicated to recycled content products, which you can order by calling (888) 463-3768.

Office Max
This office supply store can be found across the state and has a large online supply catalog. It offers recycled content products, especially paper and paper products.  Just specify recycled content in your search.

The Official Recycling Products Guide
This is an amazing database of recycled content products that can be found across the country.  Listing more than 4,500 recycled products, this is a first-stop shopping center for purchasers looking for products from anything from general office supplies to building materials. You can also contact by phone at (800) 267-0707.

Seventh Generation
This company makes household green products, including cleaners and paper products. Its products can be found locally at many Whole Foods Markets®.  Visit its site for more information, or to locate a dealer near you.

Showpiece Enterprises
This is a manufacturer that designs environmentally friendly exhibits and displays out of recycled content and other green products.

Signature Marketing
Looking for awards, plaques, promotional merchandise and even clothing made from all types of recycled materials. Visit this site to view a variety of recycled content merchandise for special occasions.

This office supply store can be found across the state, and has a large online supply catalog. It offers recycled content products, especially paper and paper products. Just specify recycled content in your search.


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