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Many counties and municipalities in North Carolina are choosing to play an increasingly active role in green purchasing efforts.  While state agencies' efforts are guided by executive order and the general statutes to procure green products and support local recycling markets, local governments are not.  But many local governments have recognized the benefits of green purchasing and are stepping up to create their own green purchasing policies.  They are driven by the opportunity to directly effect their local programs by changing their purchasing choices.  Local businesses can be receptive to the requests of their county and town partners as well, and are happy to stock locally-made and environmentally-friendly products.  Our EPP program is designed to assist state agencies, universities, community colleges, schools, local governments and businesses with green purchasing efforts.  Please check out some of the resources below, and contact us if you are interested in creating a policy, need assistance with environmental purchasing efforts and creating partnerships within your community or are interested in applying for a buy recycled grant.

Did you know that local governments can use state term contracts for their purchases?  Find out more about using E-Procurement, the state's online purchasing catalog and how to register online.  Term contracts are a great way to save resources, as general office supplies are available at a great price, already negotiated by the Purchase and Contracts Division.
Check out EPP policy examples North Carolina local governments and universities are putting to good use.  Also, research how to establish recycling contracts and view some examples.
Visit our local government assistance page for more information. Check out best management practices and sample recycling contracts to learn more about the services DPPEA offers local governments.
Through Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants, financial assistance is available for local governments in three categories: buy recycled, backyard composting and general.
General Statutes 130 are regulations pertaining to local government solid waste responsibilities. This legislation includes information about the ten-year comprehensive solid waste management plan required by all local governments, as well as the good-faith effort to achieve the state's 40 percent municipal solid waste reduction goal.
North Carolina Local Government Purchasing maintains a wealth of information about purchasing regulations for local governments and offers classes for procurement professionals.
Check out our links for information on non-profit organizations that certify green products, and places to shop for environmentally-friendly products.


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