N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Take a look at this presentation titled "Getting Started in Recycling and Green Purchasing" from the February 2007 Collegiate Recyclers Coalition Conference.

Consumer Reports
launched its Greener Choices Web site dedicated to the environmental impact of consumer products. The site includes health and environmental information on products for home and office.
If you have attended any of the recent green purchasing presentations to celebrate March as National Purchasers month, you can check out the Green Purchasing segment here.
NEW Purchasing Comment Card to request environmentally friendly products at stores near you.  Just sign and drop in the customer comment box.  Feel free to print copies for your Earth Day events on April 22 and get the word out to students and residents about green purchasing!  Print in color or black and white.
Additional green products available on State Term Contract for state agencies and local governments.
Want to share a buy recycled policy, a best management practice, or environmentally preferable contract language with us?  Have you tried a new green product and want to share the results?  Is there a product you often use and are interested in finding an environmentally preferable substitute? We are interested in your efforts, and want to expand our EPP database.  Please contact Rachel Eckert to share this information.


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