N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

EPP Information for State Agencies

North Carolina state agencies have an environmental and legislative responsibility to purchase environmentally preferable products and services.  Executive Order 156 and General Statutes 143 require agencies to buy recycled content and environmentally preferable products and services.  This legislation also directs agencies to file an annual report with the Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance on their recycling activities and their purchases of recycled content goods and services. Purchasing recycled content products supports and drives the markets for the recyclables collected in local recycling programs.  For more information, contact Rachel Eckert, (919) 715-6505.

Guidance for North Carolina State Agencies

Executive Order 156 - Sustainability Initiative: A resolution and guidance for state agencies to purchase recycled content and environmentally preferable products and services.  Requires agencies to establish a program, designate a sustainability officer, purchase only recycled content paper, and report annually to DPPEA.

General Statutes 143-58: Guidance on purchasing products with recycled content, including recycled content paper and paper product regulations. Purchasing guidance is also included throughout Chapter 143.

Annual Recycling and Buy Recycled Reports to the governor: These reports include state agency efforts for waste reduction and recycling and recycled content purchasing.  They are required annually by all state agencies. These reports are part of the complete annual Solid Waste Management Report, including information about local government solid waste efforts as well.

State Term Contracts: Agencies (including community colleges and universities, as well as local school districts) are required under General Statutes 143-53(a)(2) to purchase from state contract vendors. Term contracts are convenient to use, as they are negotiated by the N.C. Division of Purchase and Contract (P&C) for products most often used by agencies. Also, E-Procurement is the new online purchasing system P&C provides for agencies and registered local governments, making purchasing even easier and more efficient.  Contracts for specific products or services can also be negotiated here. This site has a wealth of information, including a Purchasing Manual for state agencies, information about selling to the government, and a link to view specific recycled content products available on contract.

State Surplus: The Division of Surplus Property is responsible for the disposal or transfer of all state-owned property. It offers surplus property received from agencies to other agencies in need, or sells to qualified nonprofit organizations and the general public. It also recycles oil and antifreeze, paper, wet cell batteries, and computers/monitors.

Correction Enterprises: Agencies must give preference to Department of Correction products in purchasing articles, products and commodities that are needed and that are manufactured or produced within the state prison system and offered for sale. Its product categories include city tags, food products, janitorial products, manpower services, metal products, office seating, oils and lubricants, paints and coatings, printing and quick copy service, reupholstery, safety products, signs, textile products and wood products.

Other Resources

Where else can I shop to meet the buy recycled regulations? Check out the EPP shopping links.

EPP Policies: Check out some sample policies that universities and local governments have shared and create your own.

Recycling in State Offices: Raleigh area offices have recycling programs contracted by the Facilities Management Division in the Department of Administration. Locations outside the Raleigh area have to contract for their own recycling programs.

Re-refined oil: State agency purchase guidelines for re-refined oil.

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