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Tips on Waste Reduction

“Stewardship of natural resources and making business decisions based on sound environmental practices has enabled certain proactive hotel companies to tap into the ever-increasing green consumer market.”
       — Georgia Hospitality Environmental Partnership

Try these tried-and-true tips from the hospitality waste reduction experts…

Start a linen and towel reuse program.
Use refillable soap, lotion and hair rinse dispensers. This will eliminate soap waste and save money.
Use both sides of the paper when making copies.
Substitute reusable items for disposable ones.
Make discarded paper into scratch pads.
Equip guest rooms with a bulk dispensing system to replace individual plastic soap and shampoo bottles.
Use two-way shipping containers (ones that can be returned and refilled).
Reuse manila envelopes.
Order products in concentrated form or in bulk.
Install cloth roll towels or hand dryers in public restrooms.
Recharge fax machine and laser printer cartridges.
Use worn towels and linens as cleaning rags.
Reuse foam packaging pellets or bubble wrap.
Install reusable furnace and air conditioner filters.
Choose a low-maintenance landscape design that uses few chemicals and little water.
Develop a “buy recycled” program.
Install compact fluorescent lamps instead of standard incandescent light bulbs.
Convert full-size fluorescent fixtures to use electronic ballasts.
Position heat-producing appliances away from thermostats.
Install programmable timers and sensors for lights, appliances and room HVAC.
Maintain and clean HVAC system regularly. Check for coolant and air leaks, clogs and obstructions in intakes and vents.
Install low-flow showerheads, bath and sink faucet aerators and low-flow toilets.
Operate clothes and dish washers only with full loads.
Promptly repair leaks in plumbing.
Restrict lawn watering to evening and night. Use soaker hoses instead of sprinklers.
Donate partially-used products to shelters and charities.
Use non-phosphate liquid detergents, oxygen-based bleach and concentrated detergents.
Use placards in guest rooms to inform guests of environmental efforts.
Provide recycling bins in guest rooms.


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