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Waste Reduction and P2 Listservs  

P2Assist - P2assist is a dynamic forum for anyone interested in discussing and sharing information regarding environmental issues. Users include businesses, industries, governments, consultants and environmental stakeholders. This DPPEA-sponsored listserv is for the sharing of environmental and technical ideas, and a place to seek guidance and assistance from peers in practicing pollution prevention.

NC Green Hotels - NC Green Hotels is a dynamic listserv dedicated to promoting and sharing information about creating and maintaining sustainable lodging facilities. This listserv is open to all who have an interest in environmentally friendly practices for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and green tourism in general.

NC Project Green - Greening State and Local Government - Government employees across the state experience similar regulatory statutes and challenges, and share the extremely important role of providing services to the public. This positions government as a highly visible role model for the state’s citizens, businesses and industries, and provides an excellent opportunity to set the example, leading the way in environmental stewardship. N.C. Project Green is an opportunity to unify our efforts of sustainability in North Carolina state and local government, where we can learn from our peers and create goals to succeed in environmental stewardship initiatives.

EPA listservs

GreenYes mailing list - an open (unmoderated) discussion forum focusing on policies and strategies needed to advance sustainable resource policies.

Pollution Prevention
North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
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