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Letter Lady Directory of Opt-Out Links

Several great Web sites offer lots of information about how to get off junk mailing lists, telemarketing lists and e-mail spam lists. We’ve linked to some of the best ones here for your convenience. Best wishes for a junk mail-free life!

Utility Consumers' Action Network
How do they get your name and address anyway? Check this site to find out how the bulk mailers do it.

How to get rid of Junk Mail, Spam and Telemarketers
Fred Elbel’s fantastic site for getting rid of junk mail and other interruptions in your busy life.

Native Forest Network
A fact sheet with some “how to” information to help reduce consumer demand for virgin wood.

Business Junk Mail Reduction
Web site for the National Waste Prevention Coalition Business Junk Mail Reduction Project.

STOP The Junk Mail!
The Consumer Research Institute Inc. has developed the “STOP The Junk Mail!” kit. Check it out here.


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