N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
EMS and Pork Production Tools

Environmental Management Systems for Pork Producers

4.4.4 EMS Documentation

This element is designed to ensure that organizations create and maintain documents in a manner sufficient to implement the EMS. Good documentation can be very helpful to outside parties as well as to your own farm.

The EMS documentation requirement is often met by the development of an EMS manual. This manual should describe how all of the pieces of the EMS fit together, and help ensure that your EMS is understood and operating as designed. Documentation can be maintained in paper or electronic form.

See the link below for an EMS manual template and an example of a completed EMS manual. EMS procedures can be referenced, but not included in the manual as in the EMS manual template, or the EMS procedures can be incorporated into the manual, as shown in the EMS manual example.