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EMS and Pork Production Tools

Environmental Management Systems for Pork Producers

4.3.3 Objectives and Targets

Once significant impacts are identified they are used to establish objectives and targets. The objectives and targets represent a change from planning to action in the Plan-Do-Check-Act model. 

Step 1

  • Identify ways to improve operations on your farm (establish objectives). An objective is an improvement goal that is specific and is consistent with the farm's environmental policy. When establishing these objectives you should consider:

    • Significant aspects 

    • Environmental policy 

    • Legal and other requirements

    • Technological options (be sure to consider pollution prevention opportunities) 

    • Financial, operational and business requirements

    • Views of interested parties.

Step 2

  • For each objective establish a target that is realistic, quantitative and measurable. A target is a detailed performance requirement - measurable when possible - that relates to and supports a specific objective.