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Environmental Management Systems for Pork Producers

4.2 Environmental Policy

Building the EMS begins with creating a policy statement that sets direction and vision. This statement provides a framework for planning, implementing and improving a farms EMS, and states management’s commitment to the environment. A strong, clear policy statement serves as the starting point for developing the EMS and a reference point for improvements.

Step 1: Write an environmental policy statement.

  • The policy statement must include the following three major requirements:

  1. Commitment to comply with legal and other requirements.

  2. Commitment to prevent pollution.

  3. Commitment to continual improvement. 

  • Keep the statement brief, appropriate to the scope of the EMS, and meaningful to the producer and employees.

  • A brief description of the farm and its primary operations may be included.

  • The producer should sign and date the environmental policy statement.

For example policy statements, please visit Policy Examples (includes Spanish translations)

Step 2: Write a procedure that states:

  • How often the policy will be reviewed (it is recommended that it be reviewed annually).

  • Who is responsible for reviewing (owner, EMS coordinator, etc.).

  • How the policy is communicated to employees within the scope of the EMS.

  • How the policy will be made available to the public, contractors and customers as appropriate.


  • Display the policy statement in view of employees and visitors. 

  • Make it available in another language if appropriate (see examples).

See the following link for an example of a policy procedure.

Policy Procedure

(This procedure can be downloaded and customized by replacing the red highlighted areas with the specifics for your farm. You can incorporate your procedure for this element within your EMS manual or maintain it as a separate document. A small farm may decide to incorporate language within the manual that addresses this element as opposed to having a separate document.)