N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
EMS and Pork Production Tools

Environmental Management Systems for Pork Producers

4.4.2 Training, Awareness and Competence

Successful implementation of an EMS is dependent upon employees being adequately trained. Employees should be trained at a minimum on the following: 

  • the environmental policy, 

  • significant environmental aspects of their activities and related work instructions,

  • objectives and targets,

  • their EMS roles and responsibilities,

  • environmental emergency action plan. 

Step 1

  • Identify training needs of each employee within the scope of the EMS. Maintain employee training records.  See the link below for examples of training charts and a sign-in form to help identify and track employee training.  The first chart can be used to track both training and document control, the second chart can be used to just tract training. 

  • Identify training topics and develop training materials.

  • Determine who will do the training, and where and when training will take place. The following training presentations may be useful in providing EMS awareness training to your employees.

Environmental Management System Training 

Training is needed when: 

  1. EMS is first implemented;

  2. new personnel are hired;

  3. employee responsibilities change;

  4. procedure changes;

  5. there is a new process, material, or equipment; or

  6. new regulations are put in place.

  • Employees should be able to demonstrate competency. Competency may be determined by observing personnel during normal working conditions and/or by asking questions.

Step 2

  • Write a procedure that identifies the following:

    • Personnel responsible for identifying and completing training needs. The responsible party within this procedure is often the management representative or EMS coordinator.

    • Method for tracking training needs.

    • Process and responsibility for evaluating competence.

See the link below for an example of a training procedure.

Training Procedure

(This procedure can be downloaded and customized by replacing the red highlighted areas with the specifics for your farm. You can incorporate your procedure for this element within your EMS manual or maintain it as a separate document. A small farm may decide to incorporate language within the manual that addresses this element as opposed to having separate documents.)