N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
EMS and Pork Production Tools

Environmental Management Systems for Pork Producers

Using this Tool

The EMS is best designed by following a step-by-step, element-by-element approach as outlined in this tool.

Throughout development of the EMS, documentation of EMS procedures, work instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and related records are important. An EMS manual should be developed as a guide to the EMS. A EMS manual  template and sample manual is provided. The manual template can be downloaded and customized to help create your EMS.  

Procedures, checklists, charts and other tools are provided with this guidance, which follows the ISO14001 model and its corresponding elements. These can be incorporated into the EMS manual template or maintained as separate documents. The EMS manual template, procedures and many of the worksheets, checklists and other tools (see Build the EMS) can be downloaded and customized by replacing the red highlighted areas with the specifics for your farm.  The examples can be printed and downloaded but cannot be changed.

It is recommended the producer follow this tool element by element. For each element:

  • read the guidance and follow any step by step instructions.

  • review the sample procedures and tools. (Note: Many of the examples included within this Web site are PDF files, readable only with Adobe Reader. This free software can be downloaded from the Adobe Web site.) 

  • use the procedure templates, worksheets, checklists, etc. to design your own EMS.

Any materials or presentations in this tool can be copied and used by producers to design their EMS.