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Resource Calendar

Costume Availibility Calendar

Links to resource calendar, where you can see if the costumes, recycling bins and kits are available to borrow.

Kits include activities such as:

  • Recycled Product Bingo
  • Landfill Puzzle
  • Recycle Relay

Recycle Guys Costumes

Recycle Guys Costume

Check out a costume to wear at a local festival or other event. A volunteer to wear the costume is not provided by the Division. Each costume comes in a 28.5 x 60 x 28.5 protective box, so make sure it will fit your vehicle. It must be picked up and returned to Raleigh.

Check the resource calendar to see if the costumes are available for your event.

Material Request Form

Material Request Form

North Carolina recycling coordinators may download form and return to N.C. DPPEA. Items will be shipped or delivered while supplies last (.doc format).

Make Up of North Carolina's Waste Stream

Waste Stream Poster

Click to download the Waste Stream poster as (8.5x11) or (11x17)

Landfill Diagram

Landfill Diagram

Ever wonder how a landfill is constructed?
Well, this poster breaks it down for you – beneath the garbage and above. Download diagram: (PDF format) or (JPG format)

North Carolina Stats and Facts

North Carolina Stats and Facts
Interesting stats and facts about recycling different materials in North Carolina.

Visit's blog Blog

Read and share great up-to-date, recycling and social marketing information.

Colleague Contact

Contact map of local government

Links to a map of local government recycling coordinators around North Carolina.
Recycling Bin Funding And Inexpensive Bin Ideas

Recycling Bin
Download (.doc) document to find out more.

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    Find out how recycling helps!

    Recycle Guys Homepage - For Questions, contact Heather Cashwell (919) 707-8127
    N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA)
    1639 Mail Service Center - Raleigh - 27699-1639 - (919) 707-8100 - (877) 623-6748
    The Recycle Guys were created by SC DHEC. Please contact them at 1 (800) 768-7348
    for information on how to adopt the campaign for your community or organization. Leave Feedback