Recycle Guys Costumes

Check out one or both of these costumes to wear at a local festival or other event. Each costume comes in a 28½ x 60 x 28½ protective box, so make sure it will fit in your vehicle.

Check the resource calendar to see if the costumes are available for your event.

Promotional Materials

DPPEA has a wide variety of promotional materials to share with the public, including Recycle Guys coloring books, stickers, temporary tattoos and more. The following materials are available for check out from DPPEA by local governments and other public and private institutions on a first come, first served basis.

If you are located in NC, a material request form is available for you to download (Word) and return to NC DPPEA. Items will be shipped or delivered while supplies last.

Recycling Bins

These bottle-shaped recycling bins are available for fairs or other events to collect recyclables. Two available.

Check the resource calendar to see if the recycling bins are available for your event.

Recycled Content Product Kits

The recycled content product kits contain examples of items produced with recyclable materials. They include a plastic bottle t-shirt and carpeting, a newspaper picture frame, a steel can lunchbox and more. Included in the kit is a bingo game to use with the material (PDF).

Check the resource calendar to see if the product kit is available for your event.



Recycle Guys Display Materials

Cut-out versions of the Recycle Guys are available in two formats: dry-mounted and laminated.

Recycle Guys Display Materials

The seven dry-mounted Recycle Guys spell out recycle and have Velcro backing so they can be attached to a large display.

Recycle Guys Display Materials

The eight laminated recycle guys are smaller than the dry-mounted ones. Also affixed with Velcro backing, the laminated guys come with bubbles in Spanish.
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