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Re-refined Oil

Engine and Vehicle Manufacturer Approval

Auto manufacturers may not legally endorse a particular brand of motor oil. Many have gone on record, however, to state that using re-refined oil does not affect warranty coverage. These include Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Cummins and Detroit Diesel. Mercedes-Benz even takes the step of putting re-refined oil in its new vehicles. These manufacturers have publicly stated the safety of re-refined oil in their vehicles or engines. They agree that the use of API-certified re-refined oil will not void warranties. Their warranties are based on performance criteria: if the oil meets the warranty requirements, the warranty must be honored.

Review vehicle/engine manufacturer statements regarding use of re-refined oil in engines:


Ford Logo

"Ford recommends using engine oil meeting Ford Specification ESE-M2C153-E and licensed as certified for gasoline engines by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Re-refined oils are capable of meeting these requirements. . . it is the responsibility of the oil marketers to ensure that their products meet the requirements consistently and continuously. It is Ford's view that a re-refined oil produced with stringent manufacturing controls, batch-to-batch testing of low-temperature viscosity performance and other significant characteristics would comply with Ford's recommendations."


Mercedes Logo

"For several years now we have used products that have a re-refined content as "factory fill" products for our passenger car engines. At certain times differing amounts of re-refined content were in use for various reasons.

If these re-refined oils are manufactured correctly, there is then no reason not to use them. We approved the use of re-refined engine oils for use in our engines decades ago. The requirement is, above all, that the re-refining process is perfect and the oils are alloyed correctly just like virgin base oils."


Chrysler Logo

"Chrysler cannot condemn or endorse rerefined oils...recommends engine oils meeting the requirements of API Service category SG of SG/SC and of SAE 5W-30 or 10W-30 for the gasoline engines it sells."



GM Logo

"GM recommends for use in its vehicles oils that meet performance requirements specified in the latest Performance Standard and Approval Committee Minimum Performance Standard, and that are certified by the American Petroleum Institute... oils meeting those requirements can be made with either virgin or re-refined base oils... General Motors encourages the use of properly qualified re-refined products which consistently satisfy recommended performance requirements."


Cummins Engines Logo

"Re-refined lubricating oils can be used in Cummins engines if they have an API quality designation signifying they have been tested and meet the minimum standards for that quality level...Re-refined oils have been treated to remove additive and wear metal debris, distilled and refortified with additives."

Detroit Diesel

Detroit Diesel Logo

"Detroit Diesel .favors the recycling of waste oil and permits the use of re-refined oils in all engine product lines, provided the re-refined oil meets the SAE Viscosity, API and Military specifications."


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