NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
State Agencies

Environmental Statutes/Executive Orders for State Agencies

Executive Order 156 - State Government Environmental Sustainability, Reduction of Solid Waste, and Procurement of Environmentally Preferable Products

Executive Order 26 - Water System Protection

§ 130A-309.09A. Local government solid waste responsibilities

§ 130A-309.14. Duties of State agencies (establishment of recycling program)

§ 143-58.2. State policy; bid procedures and specifications; identification of products (purchase products with recycled content)

§ 143-58.3. Purchase of recycled paper and paper products; goals

North Carolina General Statute 130A-309.10(f)-(m) - Materials banned from disposal in the landfill


Pollution Prevention
North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
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